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"Thank you so much. Without your little book I was lost not knowing what to prepare for. Now I know." - Don W. Delaware

"Without this book I would have been blindsided by the coming events." - J. Johnston, Florida

"What really amazed me is that by simply preparing for the 7 predicted disasters I was able to cover all other possible scenarios. I feel my family and I have a really good chance of surviving. Thank you so much." - Thomas G.W. Nebraska

"I don't even believe in the bible, but I couldn't ignore the statistics of 2000 biblical prophecies coming true. So I heeded the warning and prepared. Thank you." - C. Winston, Iowa

"This was a truly eye opening book. I've read many survival and preparedness manuals and I was always left wondering what to emphasize my preparedness on. I feel I got all the bases covered now. Thank you." - Johnathon L. Colorado

"Fascinating!" - Angel R. Wisconsin

"I'm a Christian and I'm really concerned most Christians are asleep. I've been watching events unfold through the eyes of prophecy as well. We're at the brink of some very cataclysmic events and this little book quickly lays out what to prepare for. Thank you so much for your good work. You will be rewarded by God." - Dawn L. California

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"I never really knew what to prepare for. Now I know. Thank you." - Arron B. New Mexico

"I have 4 young children and I can sense very dramatic events looming ahead. I thought I was prepared for everything until I read your book. Imagine how I felt when I realized there were several missing key elements to my preparedness. You might have saved my entire family. I am eternally grateful. Thank you." - Elizabeth A. Texas

"Absolutely astonishing! I've never looked at the Bible this way. Thank you so much for your work." - Max K. Louisiana

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